Cell Phones And Internet: Destroying Minds Or Building Society?

Cellphones. Computers. Wii. X-Box. Here’s a question for you to chew on. What more is there that we could wish for? If you’re taking your time to compose of some mystical answer, you’re automatically RIGHT AND WRONG!!!!! There are many pro’s and con’s to having any of these items

Cell Phones

      Pro: Fast communication                                                      Con: Very addicting and distracting

Pro: Fast way to get information on various subjects.         Con: Spam mail and hackers.
Video Games

Pro: For instance Wii fitness. It helps your health.                  Con: It rots your brain.


There are many more pro’s and con’s to each, but these are just examples. Now it’s up to you. Build or Destroy! Leave a comment telling me what you liked and what could be changed. I’m always up for a little constructive criticism!

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